Peter Ström (1978) is a graphic / web designer and educator based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Peter started out exploring and participating in the early web in the mid 1990s, as part of the first generation teenagers growing up online. He co-/ created many early web projects such as, and (the infamous) He later co-founded web design agency Speedway (later Abel & Baker), spent a few years in Berlin and eventually studied graphic design at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. After graduating in 2006, he relocated to Stockholm and launched graphic design studio Konst & Teknik with Mattias Jakobsson, with the aim to intersect traditional graphic design, publishing and digital design and development into one practice.

In 1998 he was named “Swedens Coolest Web designer” by industry publication Cap & Design. Exactly 20 years later, in 2018, he was awarded the Berling Price for his work bridging the digital and analogue typography in Sweden.

Since 2016 he is senior lecturer in Visual Communication and part of the faculty at Beckmans College of Design where he teaches and researches design for screens.

Currently (2022) Peter works on a few design commissions with Konst & Teknik, researches the preservation of digital design as well as being an active board member at contemporary art gallery Issues. He is also a slow learner and intrigued sceptic on all thing Web3.